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Awarded by Minister of National Defense of the Republic of Korea: Type: Service medal: Eligibility: All United Nations military forces that served during the Korean War

South Korea: country in East Asia. It occupies the southern portion of the Korean peninsula. The country is bordered by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

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A comparative essay on American and Korean education systems written by team of American educators.

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According to a recent survey, South Korean ren are the least happy in the developed world – and the reason behind this could be the pressures of the education

Nuclear weapons, for example, guarantee the survival of the regime but are not useful for much else. The Korean People’s Army tank fleet is good for reuniting the

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Moon Jae-in, a longtime South Korean opposition leader who favors closer ties with North Korea, won the South’s presidential election in a sweeping victory, posing an

South Korea national football team: Hangul: 대한민국 축구 국가대표팀: Hanja: 大韓民國 蹴球 國家代表: Revised Romanization: Daehan Min’guk Chukgu

Mar 31, 2017 · Seoul, South Korea (CNN)Former South Korean President Park Geun-hye, who was removed from office earlier this month, was arrested Friday on charges related

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Seoul, South Korea – “Korean education is like a jungle. There is a lot of competition, you eat and get eaten”, says Hwan Kim, an articulate 17-year-old with a

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