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The internet tells us that simply spraying an outside area with Listerine mouthwash repels or kills every mosquito in the vicinity. True or false?

The bold mouthwash that kills 99% of bad breath germs. Learn more about LISTERINE® Antiseptic Mouthwash and more oral care products.

Listerine is a brand of antiseptic mouthwash product. It is promoted with the slogan “Kills germs that cause bad breath”. Named after Joseph Lister, 1st Baron Lister

Is there anything Listerine can’t do? An article from 1888 recommended the product — then primarily a surgical antiseptic — “for sweaty feet, and soft corns

How to Repel Mosquitoes with Listerine. The idea that Listerine could stop mosquitoes seemed like another urban rumor when it first popped up in the 2000s. However

May 30, 2015 · Rumor: Lemon Fresh Joy, Listerine, and limes with cloves effective countermeasures for driving off mosquitoes?

Find product information, ratings and reviews for Listerine® Freshburst® Antiseptic Mouthwash Kills Bad Breath Germs – 1 L online on

Is the Listerine vingar foot soak for soft, smooth feet help or hype, fiction or fact? A dermatologist and Family Savvy readers weigh in..

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You may only use Listerine as a mouthwash, but its inventors had so much more in mind. The Krazy Coupon Lady writes: “Did you know Listerine, which was formulated

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