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A research report on the Greek and Roman regard for the prepuce.

The prepuce is primary, erogenous tissue necessary for normal sexual function. The complex interaction between the sensitivity of the corpuscular receptor-deficient

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The foreskin represents at least a third of the penile skin and increases sexual pleasure by sliding up and down on the shaft. It protects the glans from abrasion and

In male human anatomy, the foreskin is the double-layered fold of smooth muscle tissue, blood vessels, neurons, skin, and mucous membrane part of the penis that

The foreskin- also known as the prepuce-is the flexible, double-layered sheath of specialized skin that covers and protects the glans (or head) of the normal penis.

To understand the function of the prepuce, it is necessary to understand the function of the penis. While it is commonly recognized that the penis has two

This page provides information on the normal growth and development of the male prepuce from birth through adulthood.

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FIG. 1154– The constituent cavernous cylinders of the penis. The glans and anterior part of the corpus cavernosum urethræ are detached from the corpora cavernosa

healthy, intact penis of 2 (prepuce has just started to open to begin separation process at the very end)

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