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Learn how to identify Tree Swallow, its life history, cool facts, sounds and calls, and watch videos. Handsome aerialists with deep-blue iridescent backs and clean

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One of our most familiar birds in rural areas and semi-open country, this swallow is often seen skimming low over fields with a flowing, graceful flight. It seems to

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Photo gallery, mostly of common North Carolina birds, with notes on behavior.

Swallows are excellent flyers, and use these skills to feed and attract a mate. Some species, like the mangrove swallow, are territorial, whereas others are not and

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The barn swallow is familiar to birders and nonbirders alike. Learn more about this widely distributed swallow.

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Using barn swallow nest cups The need for colonial sites In traditional swallow colonies, there is a great deal of social interaction including non-parent

Useful Hints. Breeding areas must contain a source of mud (such as a river bank) for incorporation into the nest structure. In drought-prone areas, you can make a

Introduction to tree swallow nest box projects, scope and benefits from creating and managing projects in terms of learning and personal growth

The Barn Swallow makes its first appearance at New Orleans from the middle of February to the first of March. They do not arrive in flocks, but apparently in pairs

The Barn and Tree Swallows get their name from catching the insects they eat in mid flight.

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