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Could IUI with fertility drugs help you get pregnant? Learn the facts about IUI success rates in the U.S., including how IUI statistics vary between age groups.

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Frequently Asked Questions on IUI What is IUI? IUI stands for intrauterine insemination and involves depositing sperm into a woman’s uterus in the hopes of

Fertility Center and Applied Genetics of Florida is a Fertility Center providing comprehensive fertility services (IVF, IUI, PGD, PGS, Family Balancing/Sex Selection,

The pregnancy or success rates for artificial insemination are 10 to 15% per menstrual cycle using ICI, and 15–20% per cycle for IUI. [unreliable source?

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Learn more about the intrauterine insemination (IUI) procedure. Find out how IUI helps many couples get pregnant, especially when male or female infertility is a problem.

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The IUI procedure or intrauterine insemination is a fertility treatment to improve the chances for pregnancy

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IUI, intrauterine insemination is a fertility procedure with success rates depending on female age, sperm numbers and any tubal or pelvic damage or endometriosis.

Details about the IUI procedure and success rates. Intrauterine (artificial) insemination can be an effective treatment for some causes of infertility.

Questions and answers on intra-uterine insemination (IUI).

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is a fertility treatment that places sperm directly into the uterus. Learn about the risks and effectiveness of IUI.

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