Foam Latex Sword

LARP, Boffer and Latex Swords When it’s time to throw down, you might as well throw down with a boffer sword. You don’t have to clean up as much of a mess.

Want to learn how to securely glue foam pads together to make custom-sized seat cushions for terrific support and comfort? Read our handy DIY instructions now!

At Knighthawk Armoury, we offer high quality larp weapons. Plus, get your larping weapons at the lowest price- guaranteed!

Our foam injected Valor Sword is a medium larp sword inspired by 13th century swords. The sword is 75 cm long and has a 57 cm double-edged blade with a central ridge.

Foam and latex swords, daggers, axes, armors and more for LARP(Live Action Role Play)

Foam Latex Sword 81

Foam Latex Sword 94

Foam Latex Sword 2

Foam Latex Sword 32

Foam Latex Sword 118

Each of our shields are made out of special foam, painted for appearance, covered in protective coating for long lasting use.

Foam Latex Sword 35

Calimacil LARP weapons are the best available on the market. Find the foam weapon you need within our large selection of swords, daggers, hammers, maces, axes, pole

Foam Latex Sword 83

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LARP Swords When you think of a medieval weapon to wield in battle, more often than not, a sword is what comes to mind. The same is likely true when it comes to a

Calimacil – High Quality Foam Weapon and gear for LARP (Live Action Role Play) and martial arts. Choice of LARP dagger, sword, mace, hammer, axe and much more.

Foam Latex Sword 100

Foam Latex Sword 7

Foam Latex Sword 32

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