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Pittsburgh Pattern Recognition has been acquired by Google, Inc. For media inquiries, please contact [email protected]

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Churchix facial recognition software is an event attendance desktop application that identifies event attending members in videos and photos.

Due to recent advances in reliability, accuracy and performance, the use of facial recognition technology in both security and commercial applications has grown

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This definition explains what facial recognition is, how it works and what its applications are. We also discuss facial recognition in Facebook. Also, other biometric

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Vigilant Solutions offers the most comprehensive, advanced suite of law enforcement tools like License Plate Recognition (LPR), Facial Recognition, and more

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The PiP app for iPhone and Android uses facial recognition technology to re-unite lost pets with their owners. Should your pet ever become lost, activating the PiP

FaceFirst is creating a safer and more personalized planet through face recognition security software for retailers, airports, law enforcement and more.

Technology isn’t 100% fail nor fool proof. (funny face recognition, facial recognition fail)

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Facial recognition software used by police is better at identifying some racial groups over others. Why are so few people studying this?

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Our facial recognition porn and sex search allows you to find a cam model you like directly by uploading a picture. This way you can find a sex doppelganger of

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